Welcome Along

Six Million Steps

Welcome to the new Six Million Steps web site.
It’s been a while since we’ve upgraded our online presence, so we figured that what with fig roll and paraffin shortages now a thing of the past, we may as well fully embrace life once again, jump in, fill our boots, and produce something suitably fancy.

It might take us a while to work out what tweaks we want to put where, but we’re sure you’ll like the end result. Keep checking back for updates.

Some of our favourite items available for direct download

  • Chaka!


    Live In Me*
    I Was Made To Love Him
    You Got The Love*
    Some Love
    We Got The Love (with George Benson)
    Sweet Thing*
    Pardon Me (You Remind Me Of A Friend)*
    Life Is A Dance
    I Know You I Live You
    Do You Love What You Feel*
    The Longer We Make Love (with Barry White)
    My Funny Valentine
    All Good (with De La Soul)
    I’m Every Woman

    (* with Rufus)

  • Greg Wilson Live in New York
    Greg Wilson


    Dawn Elliot & Co – Gotta Keep Workin’ It (GW Mash-Up)
    Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven
    Blondie – Rapture (6MS Edit)
    Gunchback Boogie Band – Funn
    The Younger Generation – We Rap More Mellow (Joey Negro Edit)
    Aurra – Such A Feeling
    Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Annie (Soul Mekanik Edit)
    The PTA – Two Sides Of Sympathy (GW Ruff Edit of PTA Mash-Ups)
    West Phillips – I’m Just a Sucker For a Pretty Face
    Martin Brew – Galactico (GW Edit)
    BT (Brenda Taylor) – You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (GW Edit)

    Greg plays out in the Big Apple, 2005 style. Seventy minutes of pumping grooves in a New York club setting.

  • Disco Lady Goes To Soul Train


    Commodores – Fancy Dancer
    Ceaser Frasier – Another Life
    Enchantment – Dance To The Music
    Willie Beaver Hale – Party Times
    Rose Royce – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
    Black Ivory – What Goes Around
    Mort Schuman – Get It Up Baby
    Grace Jones – Sorry
    Halloween – Come See What Its All About
    Discognosis – Step By Step (TT edit)
    Tasha Thomas – Shoot Me With Your Love
    Ambros Seelos – Gimme More
    New York Port Authority – I Got It
    Mastermind – Mothernature
    Marco C – Cerrone’s Groove (edit)
    Phreek – Everybody Love’s A Good Thing
    Laso – Laso Square (Are You Ready) (edit)
    Soul Train Gang – Soul Train

  • Stevie


    Stevie Wonder – Seems So Long
    Syreeta – Going Left
    Stevie Wonder – I Am Singing
    Rufus – Tell Me Something Good
    Stevie Wonder – Rocket Love
    First Choice – Love Having You Around
    Stevie Wonder – Another Star
    Gene Harris – As
    Syreeta – I Love Every Little Thing About You
    Stevie Wonder – Ordinary Pain
    Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It
    Stevie Wonder – Lovelight In Flight
    Jermaine Jackson – Too Shy
    Stevie Wonder/Destiny’s Child – Bootystition
    Stevie Wonder & Kim Burrell – If Your Love Cannot Be Moved
    Stevie Wonder/Negrocan – Superstitions (AMS mix)

  • Earth Wind & Fire


    EW&F – Burning Bush / Sunshine /
    Runnin’ (Hollywood mix)
    Ramsey Lewis – Aufu Oodu
    EW&F – Mom
    Emotions – Blessed
    Deniece Williams – Free
    EW&F – Jupiter
    Pockets – Come Go With Me
    EW&F – Love Music
    Emotions – Flowers
    Ramsey Lewis – Whisper Zone
    EW&F – On Your Face
    Deniece Williams – Cos You Love Me Baby
    EW&F – Turn It Into Something Good / And Life Goes On /
    That’s The Way Of The World

  • Wayne Hemingway – Blackpool Mecca Mix


    Connie Laverne – Can’t Live Without You
    Razzy – I Hate Hate
    Delilah Moore – It Takes Love
    Bobby Hutton – Lend A Hand
    Eloise Laws – Love Factory
    Derek Martin – Beautiful Woman
    Larry Saunders – On The Real Side
    Little Beaver – Listen To My Heartbeat
    Creative Source – Don’t Be Afraid (Take My Love)
    Southside Movement – Do It To Me
    Carstairs – It Really Hurts Me Girl
    Street People – You’re My One Weakness Girl
    Crown Heights Affair – Every Beat Of My Heart
    Moments – Nine Times
    Archie Bell & The Drells – Let’s Groove
    Four Below Zero – My Baby’s Got ESP
    Double Exposure – Ten Percent
    Nite-Liters – K-Jee

  • Masters At Work Special – Part One


    Nuyorican Soul – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
    Chris Cuevas – Hip Hop (Masters At Work Dub)
    Ten City – Fantasy
    Martha Wash – Carry On
    MAW & Co. feat. Xaviera Gold – Gonna Get Back To You
    Urbanized feat. Silvano – Helpless (I Don’t Know What To Do Without You)
    Tito Puente – Ran Kan Kan
    Gypsymen – Barbaratiri
    The Bucketheads – Got Myself Together
    Masters At Work feat. India – To Be In Love (Knee Deep Edit)
    Voices – Voices In My Mind (New York Mix)
    George Benson – Song For My Brother (Zulu Dub)
    Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters At Work Dub)
    Neneh Cherry – Buddy X (Masters At Work House Mix)
    Hardrive feat. LG – Sindae (Kenlou Dub)
    Masters At Work – The Ha Dance
    Double Exposure – Ten Percent (Masters At Work Dub Medley)
    Hardrive – Deep Inside
    Titiyo – Back And Forth (Masters At Work 12” Mix)
    The Braxtons – The Boss (Masters At Work Dub)
    River Ocean feat. India – Love And Happiness
    Mondo Grosso – Souffles H

  • Masters At Work Special – Part Two


    Louie Vega presents Anané – A New Day
    MAW – MAW Tribute
    The Bucketheads – The Bomb
    Nathan Haines feat. Shelly Nelson – Believe (Kenny Dope Remix)
    Alex Gopher – The Child (Kenny Dope Main Mix)
    Brand New Heavies – Close To You
    Incognito – Always There (MAW ’96 Mix)
    Jody Watley feat Roy Ayers – I Love To Love
    Stephanie Mills – Latin Lover
    Little Louie Vega feat. Arnold Jarvis – Life Goes On (Dance Ritual Mix)
    Jamiroquai – Emergency On Planet Earth (London-Rican Mix)
    Black Masses – Wonderful Person
    Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony – Ride On The Rhythm (The Ride)
    Masters At Work feat. India – I Can’t Get No Sleep
    Be Be Winans – Than You (MAW Mix)
    BG The Prince Of Rap – Take Control Of The Party (Kenlou Dub)
    Deee-Lite – Runaway Love (Masters At Work Dubb)
    Atmosfear – Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Beats)
    Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People
    Louie Vega, Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee & Julie McKnight – Diamond Life (MAW Mix)
    Black Magic – Let It Go
    Nuyorican Soul feat. India – I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)
    Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Masters At Work Mix)
    Cajmere feat Dajae – Brighter Days (Louie’s Masters At Work Mix)

  • Rod Temperton Special


    Heatwave – Ain’t No Half Steppin’
    Quincy Jones – Somethin’ Special
    Michael Jackson – Rock With You
    Herbie Hancock – Motor Mouth
    Brothers Johnson – Celebrations
    Michael Jackson – Baby Be Mine
    Manhattan Transfer – Spice Of Life
    Heatwave – This Night We Fell
    Patti Austin & James Ingram – Baby Come To Me
    Herbie Hancock – Give It All Your Heart
    George Benson – Love X Love
    Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
    James Ingram – Yah Mo B There
    Heatwave – Star Of A Story
    Bob James – Sign Of The Times
    Heatwave – Razzle Dazzle
    Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz
    Michael Jackson – Burn This Disco Out
    George Benson – Give Me The Night
    Heatwave – Too Hot To Handle
    Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom
    Rufus & Chaka Khan – Live In Me
    Brothers Johnson – Stomp
    Michael Jackson – Thriller

  • Rod Temperton Special – Remixed


    Quincy Jones – The Dude
    Brothers Johnson – Closer To The One That You Love
    Heatwave – Mind Blowing Decisions
    Rufus & Chaka Khan – Masterjam
    Heatwave – The Groove Line
    Herbie Hancock – The Bomb
    Heatwave – The Big Guns
    Bob James – The Steamin’ Feelin’
    Brothers Johnson – All About The Heaven
    George Benson – Star Of A Story
    The Manhattan Transfer – Mystery
    Heatwave – Gangsters Of The Groove
    Michael Jackson – Rock With You (The Reflex Revision with Rod intro)
    George Benson – Give Me The Night (KON Edit)
    Heatwave – Goin’ Crazy
    Herbie Hancock- Gettin’ To The Good Part
    Quincy Jones – Turn On The Action
    Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
    George Benson – Off Broadway
    Rufus & Chaka Khan – Live In Me
    Heatwave – Slip Your Disc To This (Joey Negro Edit)
    Heatwave – Dreamin’ You
    Heatwave – Ain’t No Half Steppin’